Massachusetts Animal Coalition

Who is MAC?

Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) is a not-for-profit organization and one of the leading activists for animal welfare in Massachusetts.  MAC has developed programs for the animals of Massachusetts to help raise funds to help combat animal homelessness and overpopulation. This organization began 17 years ago and has been working with animal welfare professionals and volunteers to join forces in creating awareness and raising money for the sake of animals statewide.

MAC has teamed up with the MASSRMV and developed a special license plate program, "I'm Animal Friendly." The initial cost of this plate is $40.00 and $28.00 of the costs go directly to funding the statewide spay/neuter program. This is a tax-deductible donation and upon renewal the full $40.00 will go towards the spay/neuter program. The success of this program is astonishing. In 2016 along, "I'm Animal Friendly" has awarded grants totaling $185,000 to programs across the state. The list of the grantees can be found here.