Rescue Your Next Best Friend

Amazing post on adoption!!

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Rescue Your Next Best Friend

Story & Photos Contributed by Cristina Gregory, who adopted Elsie at the Ruffwear & Best Friends Animal Society RAD Adoption Event, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2016

The amount of love and fulfillment that comes from being a companion to a furry friend is something that can’t be described until you own the role.


Throughout my young adult life, I was always wondering why people were overly passionate about promoting adoption and shelters. Even after spending my high school years volunteering at the local shelter, I didn’t feel the need to put bumper stickers on my car or hug strangers in parks after learning their dog was adopted. Yes, I’ve seen it happen numerous times.

I was actually terrified of adoption! As much as I wanted to help animals, especially dogs, I wanted to play it safe and stick with breeders. The reasoning behind this was…

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Health Benefits of Watermelon for Your Pup!

Happy National Watermelon Day!! 

Did you know watermelon is about 92% water but it is packed with tons of vitamins including A, B6, C, as well as Potassium, Lycopene, and Antioxidants.

This is an amazing low calorie, hydrating snack to feed your pup on a hot summer day  just be sure to remove the seeds as these can cause gastrointestinal blockage and don’t let your pup chew on the rind because this may cause an upset tummy!

What snacks does your pup like to eat during the summertime??

porkPork Chop LOVES to chow down on watermelon!!



Coat too big? Donate.

Do you feel your time and money are pulled in so many different directions that it is difficult to keep everything straight? Yeah SAME. However, if you are anything like me… when spring cleaning comes around, it is time for a few trips to goodwill to get rid of the old things to make room for the new. It is VERY likely that you have some items that could be donated to your local shelter that would help pets in need.

Every shelter is different so make sure to check their wish list on their website or give them a call before you show up. There are many items that some shelters do not accept (or have enough of).

Here is an example of a wish list: Donation Form

food supplies.jpg

There are so many ways to help out animals in need. Not to forget, volunteering your time is always a huge help 🙂

MAC Who?

Who is MAC?

Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) is a not-for-profit organization and one of the leading activists for animal welfare in Massachusetts.  MAC has developed programs for the animals of Massachusetts to help raise funds to help combat animal homelessness and overpopulation. This organization began 17 years ago and has been working with animal welfare professionals and volunteers to join forces in creating awareness and raising money for the sake of animals statewide.

MAC has teamed up with the MASSRMV and developed a special license plate program, “I’m Animal Friendly.” The initial cost of this plate is $40.00 and $28.00 of the costs go directly to funding the statewide spay/neuter program. This is a tax-deductible donation and upon renewal the full $40.00 will go towards the spay/neuter program. The success of this program is astonishing. In 2016 along, “I’m Animal Friendly” has awarded grants totaling $185,000 to programs across the state. The list of the grantees can be found here.


If you are interested in helping animals in Massachusetts please visit and click on “order a special plate.”