We had almost given up on finding the perfect pup to fit our busy lifestyle, when my mother texted me this adorable picture (below) of a doggo who needed us and we knew right then that he had to be ours.
peanut pic.jpg

Peanuts' (human) mom Debbie had recently passed away and he was in need of a new loving home. We didn’t know much about him, but but he arrived at our house and immediately jumped into the bed under the covers. We knew this was going to work out.

We later found out that he was originally a rescue dog who had been discarded on the street by his previous owner.  Debbie’s friend had found him wandering the streets, so Debbie took him in and loved him for the rest of her life. When Debbie passed away, we were able to adopt him through her loving sister Shelly who brought Peanuts to us. The family loved Peanuts so much and didn’t want to put him through the process of adoption because they knew he was already so heartbroken about losing his mom, so they were hoping to find a friend who could love him, and we are so happy that they found us.

We do now call him Peanut for short and he has been the most wonderful addition to our little family. He has traveled all over the country with us, has traveled in his tote bag all over Boston with us, and most importantly, he has studied with us for endless hours as we slowly make our way through medical school. When he came to us, he was four and a half years old and he understandably came with his share of emotional issues, mostly separation anxiety, but as time has gone on he has relaxed and become a wonderful source of emotional support. He is a chihuahua with what we think is some jack russel terrior mixed in, so he jumps wicked high and can be a bit yappy at times, but he loves every human he meets and he would be happy if he could spend all of his days cuddled up on a blanket by the fire with his humans.

We just celebrated Peanut’s 6th birthday, and we are so excited to see where life brings all of us, and we know he is hoping that it brings us to sunny California- his paws are too little for the cold snow winters in New England.”