My search to adopt a puppy started innocently. It went from "just looking" to scouring pet adoption sites and feeling helpless at how many amazing pets needed homes.  It wasn't long before I knew I was going to adopt a puppy as soon as possible. I began searching websites that connect adoption agencies from across the United States and I found a non-profit pet adoption website, Adopt-a-pet.com which was incredibly user friendly. I was attracted to the site because you can filter your search to suit your needs: location, breed, sex, color, size, etc. I found this super helpful because as much as I wanted a 100-lb Rottweiler, our tiny Boston apartment wouldn't be the greatest fit.

walter white

I browsed  the "Adopt-a-Pet" website for two to three months and fell in love with "Walter White"

I came across a photo of "Walter White" and fell in love. The adoption process took less than a month of paperwork, facetime calls, and emails back and forth between myself and Reggie's Friends. I filled out paperwork and sent in photographs of my apartment and backyard. I also gave three references and they had to fill out a somewhat hefty questionnaire but reasonable considering the pups would have to be shipped from Texas to Boston for their new home. I was hesitant about the shipping process but fortunately, LC (Reggie's Friend's owner) assured me that she does it all the time.  The dogs are shipped via cargo on a flight in a temperature controlled area.

Walter and Ginnie are siblings and flew from Houston all the way to Boston to their new forever home! Our family is complete. I cannot thank Reggie's Friends and Adopt-a-Pet enough for their dedication to saving pets around the globe.

Are you considering adopting a pet or in the process of looking? Please send me any questions you have and I can give you my experience and tips that helped me along the way!

Endless THANK  YOU to Reggie's Friends for connecting us with our puppies Walter and Ginnie! I couldn't be happier with the customer service and the entire adoption process from start to finish.