Sophie's Story


One of the things we at ‘A Dog Named Charity’ love hearing is other people’s rescue stories.  Each story is unique yet with the same conclusion – the rescuer can not imagine life without their rescue dog.

I had always wanted a dog growing up.  Looking back, I am glad we waited until we were able to rescue our Sophie belle.

Everyone remembers the aftermath of destruction that Hurricane Katrina caused.  I distinctly remember hearing the stories of all the families who were forced to leave their beloved pets behind and it really stuck with me.  Dogs and cats were left homeless, but tried their best to survive.  The following years of Katrina had me feeling a certain way about providing a safe home for a dog in need.  I had a conversation with my mother and she agreed it was time to rescue a dog.  She did some research and actually came across a local organization in Medford, MA called Kitty Connection.  They specialized in finding homes for cats, but upon one of their recent trips down South, they came across two sister puppies who were one day away from execution in the shelter.  They couldn’t turn their backs on the two well-natured girls.  My mom reached out and chose to adopt Sophie.  From that day on and still, we can’t imagine our well-behaved and exceptionally lovable girl Sophie not being apart of our family.

Hurricane Katrina was one of the largest pet rescue operations in history. Multiple animal rescuers, shelters and Humane societies from all over the US and Canada stepped in to assist the animals in need.  It is estimated that 15,500 animals were rescued. Several animal welfare organizations met with the Congressional Friends of Animals Caucus in D.C. after the devastation of Katrina to discuss animal rescue efforts moving forward.