Rescue Your Next Best Friend

Amazing post on adoption!!

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Rescue Your Next Best Friend

Story & Photos Contributed by Cristina Gregory, who adopted Elsie at the Ruffwear & Best Friends Animal Society RAD Adoption Event, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2016

The amount of love and fulfillment that comes from being a companion to a furry friend is something that can’t be described until you own the role.


Throughout my young adult life, I was always wondering why people were overly passionate about promoting adoption and shelters. Even after spending my high school years volunteering at the local shelter, I didn’t feel the need to put bumper stickers on my car or hug strangers in parks after learning their dog was adopted. Yes, I’ve seen it happen numerous times.

I was actually terrified of adoption! As much as I wanted to help animals, especially dogs, I wanted to play it safe and stick with breeders. The reasoning behind this was…

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